Holiday house with garden in Florence: where to book

Typical Florentine dishes

Booking a holiday house with garden in Florence is not only the best way to explore the Tuscan city, but also to enjoy the local dishes. Tuscan cuisine, in fact, boasts dishes that are the result of a mixture of flavours and ingredients with different origins. The first speciality is undoubtedly ribollita. This is a soup containing different types of cabbage, beans, onions and carrots, the perfect mix to face the cold season and beyond. Equally famous is cacciucco, a fish dish typical of Tuscan seafood cuisine, mainly from Livorno and Viareggio. It is a soup of poor fish, crustaceans and molluscs, usually octopus, cuttlefish, cicadas and scorpion fish. Cacciucco is generally accompanied by a good glass of red wine. Sandwich lovers cannot miss the famous lampredotto. The king of Florentine sandwiches, prepared with the abomasum, which is one of the four stomachs of cattle. It has a strong flavour and is not suitable for all palates. If lampredotto does not convince you, you can try tripe, another typical local product. To end on a sweet note, there is Torta co’ bischeri. It is a recipe from Pisa consisting of short pastry and a very rich filling made with chocolate, boiled rice, sultanas, eggs, pine nuts, candied fruit, nutmeg and liqueur. The shape is round and the visual feature are the bischeri, the decorations of short pastry folded over the outer edge of the cake.

Holiday house with garden in Florence: who to contact

To stay in a holiday house with garden in Florence, you can rely on the hospitality of the Casa del Pozzo, which over the years has become a real landmark in the area. The structure is immersed in greenery, surrounded by unspoilt nature. Casa del Pozzo provides its guests with every comfort to make their holiday unforgettable.