Where to buy the best pharmacy furniture

Furniture for pharmacies: what it takes to open a private pharmacy

Pharmacy is an activity protected by law precisely by virtue of its particular importance in daily life. In fact, it deals with the sale to the public of medicines, medical devices and health equipment. Before opening a pharmacy, however, it is important to first consider the corporate form of a private pharmacy.

The laws governing the management of a pharmacy allow it to be opened only to certain corporate forms, in particular:

  • To the sole proprietorship, in the event that the exercise is managed by a single natural person
  • To partnerships, such as SNC and SAPA, in the event that the owners are more than one natural person.
  • To S.C.A.R.L., i.e. to a limited liability cooperative, where the number of members is the minimum allowed for the cooperative

To open a pharmacy, it is also important that at least one of the partners is registered in the professional register of pharmacists. Finally, it is essential that the director of the pharmacy, that is whoever is responsible for it, is a pharmacist.

Furniture for pharmacies: here’s where to turn

As for the furniture and in particular the meble do aptek, you can rely on the experience and professionalism of Icas, which for years has been a real point of reference in the sector. The company has been creating furnishing concepts and furniture for pharmacies since 1960. In making its furniture for pharmacies, Icas uses only the best quality products, which guarantee reliability and safety.

Each product is the result of constant comparison with the needs of its customers, so as to create completely customizable, ergonomic and environmentally friendly furniture for pharmacies. What distinguishes Icas is professionalism and attention to quality and style. Features that have allowed the company to obtain numerous awards from prestigious international associations in the field of furnishing and furniture for pharmacies.