Eco-sustainable Holidays: Our Tips

Making more sustainable choices affects all aspects of our lifestyle, whether it’s deciding what we drive, how much we recycle, how we use energy, and what we buy and eat.

Many of us are also considering the impact of our vacation choices, but it can be hard to know how to make more sustainable decisions and find the right balance between being environmentally conscious and satisfying our travel desires.

Eco-friendly holidays don’t just focus on reducing environmental factors like carbon emissions and waste for a sustainable future for our planet, it also supports people and communities to ensure their future is secure. Want to make eco-sustainable holidays in Perugia? We recommend Agriturismo San Lorenzo! Here are some tips for your next eco-friendly vacation.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Of course, you could avoid staying in a hotel and enjoy a night under canvas on a fantastic camping trip in Italy, discovering the best beaches or mountains. To further reduce your emissions, you could “borrow” a local electric car.

Explore Less Visited Destinations

Overtourism can be problematic for the local environment of popular destinations, so choosing a destination that is a little off the beaten track can help support a wider range of destinations and better support the livelihoods of the people living there.

Eco-Sustainable Holidays in Perugia

The Agriturismo San Lorenzo is surrounded by greenery and tranquility. The farm also offers accommodation in 2, 3 or 4 person apartments, equipped with all the comforts for a relaxing stay. In the summer months, you can also take advantage of the swimming pool, which will refresh you on the hottest days and allow you to enjoy moments of fun, especially for children.

This agriturismo with pool in Perugia is the ideal place for families who want to combine relaxation and fun, also thanks to the presence of a educational farm where children can come into contact with the animals raised by the farm.