Hasci Swiss: the solution against hair loss

How to care for your hair

Damaged hair is brittle, weak and dull, often showing a deterioration of the hair shaft visible even to the naked eye. Having brittle hair is a problem that afflicts many men and women. There are many causes of damaged hair, and in some cases it is also a genetic factor. Some hair is weaker than others. In general, fine hair tends to wear down more easily, precisely because it has a much more fragile keratin structure, which makes it less resistant. Dry hair, on the other hand, which by nature is deprived of the lubricating and protective action of sebum, is more easily damaged by atmospheric agents and consequently becomes more brittle. The life cycle of hair is about three years for men and six for women. Generally, hair loss is physiological and natural, but it can sometimes be a symptom of other pathologies. The main causes leading to premature and excessive hair loss are:

– vitamin deficiencies, such as iron, zinc, copper and vitamin b12

– hormones: thyroxine contributes to the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. A drop in oestrogen, on the other hand, causes more hair to fall out.

– the immune system, which acts by attacking the hair, resulting in pathologies such as scarring alopecia and alopecia areata

Рanxiety and stress, high levels of stress lead to a strong weakening of the hair follicle 

– depression or mood disorders

Hasci Swiss: cutting-edge transplantation 

To solve hair loss, one can undergo a transplant. In this case the best choice is Hasci Swiss. The clinic, with a presence in Switzerland and around the world, uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure healthy, natural hair for its patients. In particular, it uses hair stem cell transplantation. This revolutionary transplantation has proven to be more effective than any other treatment, guaranteeing a permanent result. Only a small portion of the hair follicle is taken from the donor area, rather than the entire follicle. Even a small portion contains enough stem cells to grow new hair in the recipient area. Stem cell regeneration also generates more hair from a single graft. This creates a high hair density in a completely natural way. This guarantees thick, natural-looking hair with little or no scarring, as the scalp regenerates quickly. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and is absolutely painless.

Hasci Swiss: Who is the transplant recommended for?

The transplant is performed under local anaesthesia and is absolutely painless. It is recommended for all those who have suffered hair loss or baldness, regardless of whether they are male or female. First, however, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary diagnosis with the team of experts, in order to assess together what kind of treatment is most suitable. For instance, in patients too young, a hair transplant is not recommended. The team also remains at the disposal of their patients after the operation, so that any side effects can be managed promptly. Finally, all Hasci Swiss clinics meet the highest medical standards.