Meet and greet venice airport

Meet and greet venice airport is the easy and instant service to explore the magical Venice. The city in the lagoon is ready to amaze foreign guests with its traditions. The gondola, the Carnival and the theater are just some of the symbols of Venice that are famous throughout the world… Which you can finally see live!

Before arriving, however, you must pass through the airport. Unfortunately, this is always very crowded, at any time of the day or night. So it is difficult to orient yourself and find the exit, or ask for information on the spot.

That’s why there is the service of meet and greet venice airport. If you book the service well in advance, when you get off the plane you will immediately find a person waiting for you. He will speak your language and Italian. This way he can guide you, you can understand what he is saying and you will feel safer. The service is designed to make tourists arriving in Italy feel at home… Or in a fairy tale, as often happens to those who come to Venice.

You will also get assistance for the controls at the Venice airport and your guide will help you at every step of the journey. If you wish, you can request a luggage handling service or an escort service for your safety.

In any case, you will find experienced and qualified personnel who will take you to the VIP access of the airport and who will also meet the needs of those who are travelling with you and who may have additional requirements (such as an elderly person who may have difficulty moving around quickly).

For more information, visit the official website now and ask for all the news to access the service before arriving in Venice!