Pompeii, where to eat well?

The charm of history, of the lapilli that Vesuvius rained down on Pompeii, the wonder that still fascinates everyone of the archaeological remains that bear witness to an era.

It is impossible to miss what remains of the eruption of the Campania volcano dating back to 79 AD. The main event of Vesuvius in historical times.

Visit the excavations of Pompeii, feel its magic and flavors
Pompeii is synonymous with history and beauty, which, although tried by the passage of time, remains somewhat hidden. To visit it is wonderful, because it gradually reveals its identity and also its magic. A rare and enchanted place where history is the host, which also concerns our origins. Eating is fine too. At this point, it is therefore worthwhile to visit the excavations of Pompeii and immerse yourself in its peaceful town atmosphere, perhaps trying to taste the gastronomic delicacies of the historical period linked to the eruption. Where is all this possible?

And in fact right on the edge of the destroyed town there is a delicious restaurant, “Caupona” (open every day from 12.30 to 15.30 and from 19.30 to 23) which offers its customers the typical dishes of ancient Pompeii. , embellished with fragrant oriental spices.

A real journey into taste that starts from the past and loves to mix with the future. So do not miss the excitement and interest in savoring the dishes of the best pompei restaurant.

If you would like to spend several days in the area, the best possible solution is offered by the “Bed and Breakfast Villa Flora”, one hundred meters from the Pompeii excavations. A perfect accommodation proposal: located in via Plinio 40-50, “Villa Flora” has accommodations equipped with wifi, is wonderfully connected to the Naples airport and the train station. Check in 14-20. Check out: no later than 10.30.

Below then with reservations: ancient Pompeii is waiting for you!